Perfect Transom Windows Ideas

Transom Windows That Open

This is the time for a brief discussion of a small structure of transom windows. In the world of architecture, do you know what the transom? In fact there are two definitions: Very re of the ship where they will install the engine. A little window detail above the door or, in some cases, on top of other windows, there are many of the reasons for the use of the transom. Here a rundown on the fun to say this is where architecture.

Transom windows are gained popularity after being used in a room where a complex shape or style architectural elements door sectors meet again. In this case, it works as a liaison between the door and the ceiling above the display. Traditionally speaking, it is known symptoms in the form of a fan. This Mediterranean style transom windows is very beautiful. It was nice to see and gives only less access to the viewpoint million.

Transom windows are extremely helpful in framing the separation of the door frame of the window. Thick wooden beams above the glass doors make for six Frenchies separately below, while the installation of the roof beams holding three symptoms asymmetric in place.


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