Paint To Indoor Staircase Railing

Beauty Indoor Staircase Railing

Indoor staircase railing – If you want to give new life to an old staircase, often just to put a new paint job over the railing can do the trick. Mix half a teaspoon of mild liquid soap with a half gallon of warm water. Use a sponge to wipe down the banister and each spindle. Do not get the banister all wet while you work, but use enough soap to clean gummy or dirty areas. Wipe down the railing with a soft cloth to wipe away excess water.

Use painters tape around the base of each spindle, as well as wherever contacts the handrail your walls or floors. Spread a drop cloth or newspaper out around the floor and the stairs to protect against drips. Use primer on the banister, if the tree is bare and raw. If there is existing paint or wood handrails, so no primer will need. Allow the primer to dry for two to four hours, or longer if specified by the manufacturer. If any existing paint is peeling off or chipping, sand down with sandpaper until smooth before painting indoor staircase railing.

Use a gloss or semi-gloss paint in the color of your choice in even strokes along the indoor staircase railing of the handrail from the top of the railing toward the bottom. Allow the paint to dry for two hours or longer before another layer. Allow the second layer to dry overnight.

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