Metal Railing Stairs: Simple Yet Durable

Custom Metal Railing Stairs

Metal railing stairs – Modern design uses clean lines and simple elements to create an open atmosphere. Steel railings with glass panels create a dramatic look that can make a small room appear larger. Metal-and-glass combination is also popular for its light-reflecting quality. Steel-and-glass railings can be expensive, but installation is generally an easy DIY project. Which railing is design off-site and includes installation instructions.

Because glass panels are expose and can be broke. It is necessary with residential building code staircase glass panels be make of tempered glass. This way, if they are broke for some reason. Panels break into very small pieces in order to reduce risk for them to cut someone. It’s same material windscreens and glass shower doors are made of. Metal railing stairs is very robust. But does not necessarily have elegance, as a wood or wood. And metal railing can have

Wood railings and balustrades can also be combine with metal poles. Creating both a sturdy and good looking stair rail. Because metal railing stairs posts are strong no matter what thickness, are many more design options available than when using just wood. They can be straight or ornate. Such as metal vines growing down your staircase. Design should be careful style and decor of rest of house.

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