Installing Pebble Shower Floor

Perfect Pebble Shower Floor

Pebble shower floor can create a rustic and natural look in your bathroom or kitchen. Installers tiles originally created by stacking river stones or rocks up pieces of mesh secured to the walls. Today, pebble tiles come in a wide variety of designs and colors, allowing an owner or installer looking chooses the right for the area. Most suppliers sell sheets or pieces that attach directly to the wall or floor mesh. Improper installation of tiles can create visible lines across the surface, so be careful to put the leaves to achieve the look you want.

Clean the surface where you want to install the pebble shower floor. Vacuum, sweep or dust the surface to remove all dirt and dust, then wipe the surface with mineral spirits or other solvent based cleaner to ensure that there is no paint, wax, grease or other contaminants on the surface. These pollutants can change the way the adhesive bond with the surface.

Pebble shower floor, dry the surface and inspect the area of ​​damage. The installation surface must be completely flat and stable. Fill the holes with putty or filler lower elevations with sandpaper or a grinder hand. Clean the surface with a tack cloth to remove dust at the end. Tile mortar mix and additives according to the specific product instructions. Stir in a bucket; the thin set seem thick paste or peanut butter when it has mixed properly.

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