Installing Barn Door Handles

Antique Barn Door Handles

Barn door handles – If you are redecorating the outside of your house and want to create a country or rustic theme, you can paint your garage doors appear as if they were made of wood, like a barn door. Instead of hiring a professional, you can create the effect of barn door, using some simple fonts on your hardware. Preparation of the garage door for imitation wood finish is as important as using the right technique in the application of paint and enamel garage door.

Power washes the garage door to clean it thoroughly, and then allow it to dry completely. Cover barn door handles garage door with painter’s tape to protect them from splashing. Sand the entire surface of the garage door thoroughly, using medium sandpaper to remove old paint and prepare the surface for the primer grain.

Apply a primer to the garage barn door handles and let it dry completely. Place drop cloths down on any surface under the garage door. Use the paint roller to apply a coat of brown paint to unprimed garage door. Allow the paint to dry completely. Mix three parts enamel paint with a part of the paint used on the garage door in a large bucket. Fill another large bucket with clean water.

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