Install A Slat Wall Storage System

Slat Wall Photo

Slat wall – The revolutionary Slat wall storage is a great way to get your garage organized. The innovative Slat wall panels are easy to install and provides a professional finished look to the interior of your garage. The system offers a solution for virtually any storage problems through the use of integrated cabinets, specialty storage racks and shelves width. Choose from a variety of hooks and storage bins that come in a variety of sizes and colors. It’s time to organize your garage and get rid of that annoying clutter. This simple and easy to install system consists of robust slat wall panels and trim components.

To install the system attaching the panels to your existing structure with color coordinated hardware. Simply assemble the panels directly above the top of the inner wall of the garage. Both screws and panels are available in matching gray, white, taupe, maple and black. The system is so easy to install that you can transform your entire garage in a single weekend. One of the great advantages of a slat wall Storage System, next to the eye-catching appearance, it is easy for you to organize your tools, garden tools, bicycles and other items storage. With continuous mounting slot you can move any storage device in an instant.

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Organize your tools and equipment as often as you want. Storage and shelf support brackets secured to Slat wall system without the need of special tools or hardware. Just hang the mount in any of one of the slats, at any height or any location. The number of styles and configurations of slat wall storage hooks is virtually unlimited, from small individual hooks for wrenches and other tools, to large heavy hooks designed specifically to support a bike or a wheelbarrow. Other specialties include slat wall hooks ladder storage, or a handle hook for rakes, shovels and brooms.