Ideas For Install Tile Wainscoting

Subway Tile Wainscoting

Tile wainscoting – installing wainscoting to any room will update its decor, while a luxurious appearance. Done in the right way, this inexpensive project also adds value to your home. Installing wainscoting over existing tiles, probably in a bathroom that can be done effectively without tearing out the tile and replace the drywall. The average do-it-yourself can tackle this project in the course of an afternoon with the right tools and proper guidance

Ideas for install tile wainscoting, remove baseboards or moldings in the bottom of the walls with a crowbar. Prepare existing tiles for glue. Measure and cut your wainscoting panels. Most panels come at the 4 foot by 8 foot sheets. Apply the tongue adheres to the back of ceramic tiles and wainscoting. Using a caulking gun to apply the glue in an S-shaped pattern on each surface.

After that for install tile wainscoting, make your way around in the bathroom, installation of each panel 1/16 inches apart from the next while making sure the top is level with your line. Openings for outlets and light switches will be measured and cut with a reciprocating saw. Place watertight seal between the holes in each panel. This allows the casing to move with changes in temperature in the room. Paint the wainscoting your desired color, which may need a few coats, then install new baseboards and chair rails to the top of your panels.

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