Ideas For Install Prefab Stairs

Top Prefab Stairs Design

Prefab stairs – Prefabricated staircases are supplied complete by the manufacturer. Buying a prefabricated stair save you money in carpentry costs, and installation takes less time than installing a handmade staircase. Installing a prefabricated wooden staircase involves only a handful of relatively very simple steps. However, remember that you must set up a landing on the top of the stairs before you begin the installation process.

Ideas for install prefab stairs move the stairs in place, with the help of an assistant. Make sure that the lines drawn on the sides of the staircase line up exactly with the lines on the landing. Check the flatness of the transition from the stairs to the landing again, with the help of the level. Attach the stairs to the landing by driving finishing nails through the top framing element of the stairs and into the landing. Place the cut two and four under the stairs to the flat end sitting on the floor. And then the angled end fits against the stairs.

Locate the studs in the wall abutting the prefab stairs if you install stairs against a wall. Install any attachments provided by the manufacturer of stairs. Consoles generally take the form of L-shaped pieces of metal that installs with one side against the stairs. And also one hand on the floor. Complete any touches recommended by the staircase manufacturer. For example, to apply a varnish or waterproof finish on the surface of the wood.

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