Ideas For Engineered Flooring Wood

Good Engineered Flooring

Ideas For Engineered Flooring Wood – Wooden floor engineering is a floor made ​​of several layers of plywood, forming a stronger material and stable than a solid wood piece. Thus, it is less susceptible to changes in temperature or humidity, and thanks to the protection factory applied can last up to 25 years without problems, giving the user different types of finishes.

The time involved in installing a solid floor is more than 3 times the time involved in installing engineered flooring. In addition, surface traffic engineering and used when installed and after the solid no. This is due to the use of a special adhesive; you need to polish the floor and then vitrified with several coats of varnish on the work itself. Surface finish The wood engineered flooring, as is already finished and ready factory, it allows not only to be installed quickly and used immediately, but also delivers various types of surface finish according to the customer request: greater or lower gloss, brushed or smooth finish, brushed deeper or less deep impressions that follow and copy the exact natural relief of the grain, etc.

Installation wood engineered flooring with way float is quite faster, cleaner and cheaper than direct installation on the surface, even allowing for the incorporation of acoustic insulation (reducing air and impact noise) and there are some European systems that come with the installation system click. This system combines the palmettos, one beside the other, joining them together without glue or adhesive put between them or on the surface.

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