How To Build Metal Stair Stringers

Metal Stair Stringers Design

Metal stair stringers are long boards beneath the stairs that give stability to the stairs. In a normal width staircase there are typically three stringers, one on each side of the stair tread and a central one. Building stringer correctly is crucial to have a safe flight of stairs, and one that will pass local building codes. To build a stair stringer can be a little difficult, because it requires precise measurements and a few special tools.

Then, measure from the top of the stairs to the ground under the deck edge. This will give the tire height dimension. Determine the rise or height you want by step. The maximum increase in most building codes is 7 3/4 inches and the proposed minimum is 4 inches. Also, determine the run, or deep, each metal stair stringers. The minimum driving for most building codes is 10 inches.

Input the desired rise and run, and the total height of the tire in metal stair stringers calculator. And then, select 2-by-12-inch stringer board with pen and square, using the measurements and angle from the counter. Start by marking the measurements bottom step and work towards the best steps. Then, cut the selected 2-of-12 stringer board with a circular saw in pencil line. Use a handsaw to make finishing cuts in the corners.

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