Flush Mount Ceiling Fan With Light

Awsome Flush Mount Ceiling Fan With Light

Flush mount ceiling fan with light – The first thing you do after you gathered the tools to check to make sure that all parts of the ceiling ventilátor.Vegye out everything and check against parts lists by the manufacturer biztosított.Ellenőrizze that all parts van.Ha not that the box back and get another, making an inventory before the store.

If you install a flush mount ceiling fan with light, check the installation area and make sure there is a 2 x 6 board will be installed in the rafters között.Ez provide a secure mounting surface mennyezet.Fa dry wall ceiling, as shown in my photos, can be strong enough to support the weight of the fan, depending on the thickness of the fa.Csak sure that the boards are in good condition and must be securely attached to the rafter supports.

Turn off electrical service installation helyének.Ha install the flush mount ceiling fan with light, where an existing light, remove the existing light fixture. Mark the places where you need to install the mounting plate onto the mennyezetre.Fúrja the holes a little bit diameter, which is about half the width of the csavarmenetek.Helyezze the plate is in place, the electrical wiring in the middle of the hole, and wrap each large mounting screws.

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