Design And Ideas For Make Secret Bookcase Door

Secret Bookcase Door Style

Secret bookcase door – Since many high bookshelves on the height and width of the average door, shelving an obvious choice to hide a door leading to a hidden area of ​​your home or office. Secret room can serve multiple purposes-storage for valuables, a safe space for you and your family or personal hideaway. The door secret bookcase will be even more difficult to detect if flanked by two similar, stationary shelving on both sides, but plans that do not require the extra shelving. While some plans require actually attached rack to the door, these plans are an alternative to creating a permanent fixture and instead create a movable bookcase on hidden wheels that are placed in front of a doorway.

Make secret bookcase door, bag in the bottom of the shank of the door handles on the door you want to hide; this should get rid doorknob, exposing the screws under. Screw the door handle hardware from the door and completely remove all door handles components. This will allow the shelf to sit flush against the door. Paint or stain shelf and wood trim pieces to match each other if necessary. Allow to dry.

Spread your furniture pad above the floor, and lay the rack on top of the pad, with the open part of the bookcase facing the floor. Using your drill pilot holes in the four corners of the rack where you want the wheels. Install wheels on the bottom of the bookcase according to the instructions on the caster’s packaging. The guidelines will vary from set to set. Use wood glue to attach trim pieces to the very bottom of the rack, creating a skirt to hide the wheel. Allow to dry. Set the rack upright and roll the secret bookcase door over the front of the door. Decorating with books and accessories and objects on both sides to complete the look.

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