Cleaning Glass Nano Doors

Amazing Nano Doors

Cleaning Glass Nano Doors – Glass nano doors are a real beauty, but end up being a nightmare when not kept in good condition. Glass nano doors, are the home, outside or shower, find their best cleaning technique with warm water and concentrated dish washing soap. Dissolve one or two tablespoons of detergent in a quart of warm water, without too much foam, and applied with a soft sponge on the glass. This will help remove dirt and grease adhering streak or rub, and in addition, will leave with a bright, flawless appearance.

After reviewing the soapy sponge, rinse glass nano doors with a cloth soaked in a solution of warm water and white vinegar alcohol (or rubbing alcohol) in equal parts. When applying, review immediately with a bun of newsprint, which go renewing each time it wet. This paper is ideal because it absorbs perfectly liquid and can rub on the glass without scratching.

After cleaning the glass nano doors, you must keep daily reviewing the entire surface with a soft, lint-free and is perfectly dry, like chamois. Moisture and oiliness of hand contact with the glass are the main dirt that disfigure, and with this simple maintenance can avoid them.

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