Christmas Window Candles Ideas

Amazing Christmas Window Candles

Christmas window candles – Candles flickering in windows, bright lights, ornaments on the Christmas tree and gifts in colorful packaging, are all some of the more traditional decorations during the holiday season. The tradition of placing candles in the windows is so common these days, many people do not even stop to think how it was started.

Christmas window candles, during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, they came into circulation in Britain and Ireland criminal laws against Catholicism. Practicing Catholics were severely punished and sometimes priests were sentenced to death. Then, in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries the laws became even stricter, depriving many Catholics of both civil liberties and religious, forcing them to find ways to practice their faith in secret.

For Irish Catholic devotees, place candles in their window during Christmas Eve symbolized security and served as a sign of welcome for priests who were passing in front of their houses, to upgrade and sponsor the Christmas mass within them. In colonial America, the Christmas window candles were placed in the window as a sign of welcome for travelers and as a symbol of the warmth of home during the holidays.

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