Appealing Retaining Wall Ideas

Brick Retaining Wall Ideas

Retaining wall ideas – For many homeowners with an unlevel lot or a slope, retaining walls necessary. Other creates terraces in their garden and adds a retaining wall of architectural interest. While there are many materials to choose from such as three or lying bands, rock and stone product retaining walls is a good choice for durability, less leverage and attractiveness.

Toasted stones, with softer edges, make appealing retaining wall ideas. Build them with various size stones in a random pattern for an interesting look. These walls must be cemented together, can be as thick as you choose, and topped with capping stones. Stones can be purchased in various shades of brown, gray and yellow.

You may encounter blocks of stone-like material, brick, stone tile or make a stone finish to the surface. Bricks come in many different shapes, colors and sizes, and can be versatile as retaining wall ideas. They are easy to curve to a landscape contour because of the smaller size. Colors range from white to red and brown, yellow or gray. Used bricks create a rustic Old English look and make a nice background for a brick patio or terrace. Bricks must mortar together. Pre-fab brick can be purchased and some types are interlocking.

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